Dika’s music is a sound-designed collage of intimate and introspective images that range from minimalist textures to layered complexity and powerful soundscapes. Dika's recent credits include a feature film Corazon Azul (2021), directed by Miguel Coyula, as well as the DGA and BAFTA student award Grand Prize winner and BAFTA-nominated live-action short, Variables (2019) by Sabina Vajraca. Dika has composed and produced original music for a number of recognized, as well as award-winning films, including two feature films, most notably Corazon Azul (2021), and Memories of Overdevelopment (2010) by Miguel Coyula (Sundance New Frontier Selection 2010); and short films such as Knife Point (Sundance Official Selection 2009) by Carlo Mirabella-Davis; Student Academy Award Winner Down in Number 5 (2010) by Kim Spurlock, and many others. She has also contributed her music to various film, commercial, and documentary soundtracks such as a feature documentary The Tents (2012). Her music characterized as visceral and telling, received the Best Original Score Award for Knife Point from the Maurice Kanbar Institute for Film and TV, as well as the Best Score Award by New Filmmakers Festival in Havana 2011 for Memories of Overdevelopment. Dika also contributes music to Spirit Music Collective in Los Angeles.
Dika is from Sarajevo and lives with her husband and daughter in Santa Monica, California. She holds a Master's Degree in piano performance from the University of Colorado in Boulder. She is a member of the Alliance of Women Film Composers (AWFC), Music Teachers Association of California (MTAC), Society of Composers and Lyricists (SCL), and American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP).

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