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for cello, piano and two ebows 


''un-controlling'' music+video on all streaming platforms



"un-controlling" for cello, piano and two ebows composed by Dika Chartoff (ASCAP 2022)

Dave Eggar, cello
Clare Longendyke, piano
Christian Amonson, recording engineer
Louis Ng, recording engineer

VIDEO directed and edited by Louis Ng

World Premiere at Bargemusic New York on Oct 21st, 2022

Europen Premiere at Mostly Modern Festival on April 22nd, 2023 in The Netherlands


In memory and celebration of my friend Ben who was a wonderful friend to so many; an amazing son, brother, and father; a passionate surfer and sailor who lost his life to suicide after a long battle with depression.

During the opening, characterized as Poetico quasi senza mesura (poetic and unmeasured), the e-bow is used as an ostinato - a constant sound triggered by a magnet that vibrates the piano strings. Essentially, it’s a noise that’s calming and seductive at times, but much like depression, or tinnitus, it’s an unwelcome guest. The second part, Giocoso (lively and humorous), is an innocent and technical interlude that culminates in climbing adrenaline; such as surfing a giant wave. Finally, Lento Irrealmente (slow and surreal) is a free fall of reverberating, vibrations and letting go. The e-bow is not present at that moment and perhaps a sense of hope is restored.

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